A personal session Sexological Bodywork starts always with a first interview of two hours. Beforehand you will receive a short questionnaire. We begin the interview with these questions focusing on what are your desires, what do you want to change and what are your goals?

This procedure is the same when you come with a partner. The focus then is on learning to communicate better or asking for what you want. Or you might want to learn how to give an erotic or tantra massage, or how to enjoy your sex-life more.

The second half of this first meeting is non-verbal. We do exercises like a short meditation, movement, yoga, breathing, hands-on, massage and connecting with the earth. The idea is to get to know each other a bit more. And also to see how you deal with new information.

I always work with expressing yourself, verbally and non-verbally, with raising your body awareness, with embodiment. Mental insight only is not enough. In order to transform you need to change your behavior. Which means: practice, practice and practice in order to repattern yourself. For instance: the idea that great sex always ends in a peak orgasm/ejaculation transforming into enjoying deep relaxation and high arousal at the same time and experiencing valley orgasms: warm sex.

After this session we decide together weather we want to continue. If yes it means we make three new appointments.