A personal session Sexological Bodywork starts always with a first interview of two hours. Beforehand you will receive a short questionnaire. We begin the interview with these questions focusing on what are your desires, what do you want to change and what are your goals?

This procedure is the same when you come with a partner. The focus then is on learning to communicate better or asking for what you want. Or you might want to learn how to give an erotic or tantra massage, or how to enjoy your sex-life more.

The second half of this first meeting is non-verbal. We do exercises like a short meditation, movement, yoga, breathing, hands-on, massage and connecting with the earth. The idea is to get to know each other a bit more. And also to see how you deal with new information.

I always work with expressing yourself, verbally and non-verbally, with raising your body awareness, with embodiment. Mental insight only is not enough. In order to transform you need to change your behavior. Which means: practice, practice and practice in order to repattern yourself. For instance: the idea that great sex always ends in a peak orgasm/ejaculation transforming into enjoying deep relaxation and high arousal at the same time and experiencing valley orgasms: warm sex.

After this session we decide together weather we want to continue. If yes it means we make three new appointments.


Tavio: Welcome to my body, the lion in me has awakened! Franscis has invited me in peace and safety to free my pelvis from old trauma and beliefs. Where I have experienced deep connection and ecstasy, with a tear and a big smile. You have contributed immensely to my sexual quest. It is so uncomfortable and nice at the same time to be a sexually attractive being. Well … better late than never. I am very grateful to you for this special experience and your honest guidance.

Koos: In ONE studio Franscis has created an open and relaxed atmosphere where I immediately feel at ease. My question after my coming out, after a marriage with children: How can I deal with my new identity in an honest and healthy way, Franscis helped me enormously in a surprising and moving way. After an intake and three sessions, it is a great discovery and a nice feeling to discover my body in a new way. I can feel my sexual energy flowing throughout my body. An eye-opener to enjoy my body with all the emotions that go with it. Accepting and loving yourself, what a party. Franscis, thank you very much, what a wonderful profession you have. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to look openly and honestly at their own sexuality. It’s worth taking your sex life to the next level.

Sanne: Dear Franscis, before I came to you I knew this would be my next step in my development. Sometimes that is knowing without being able to explain it. I want to thank you very much for this special experience. I came to myself, to my essence through the loving touch of your hands. attuned to each other at that moment without having to achieve anything. Amalgamation I experienced during this session. You created to me with such respect and security. No words for it. Love Sanne

Michael: This is all really good. Thank you for taking the time to listen. I feel great about the whole session. I feel relieved that you were so open and comfortable with learning and exploring together. Getting to see and feel more about this unknown pelvic floor area, is what I really needed. I will look at the recommendations and spend another month working on this and let you know how it is going. Thanks again I really aprecciate it.