New Years nude yoga and erotic party

Nude yoga, partner yoga, orgasmic yoga, meditation, orgasmic meditation, tantra and erotic massage

“Ring in the New and Wring out the Old”…on this two days Men’s Naked yoga Tantric massage winter retreat in Amsterdam. In the safety and control of Francis, a seasoned master teacher of Yoga and Tantra you will explore your sexuality; individually, in pairs and in groups. Learn to let go of any inhibitions you may have regarding your sexuality and open up your hearts to more fully accept and love yourself and others more through practices like naked partner yoga, orgasmic yoga/meditation and erotic tantric massage. Give yourself the chance and the time to be together, in the company of men, to explore limits, to discover ways to be with ourselves and with others, to give and to receive, to touch and to be touched. In the climate of respect, confidence and of honour, let’s make one more step towards unconditional love between men.


December 31 starts at 2pm (with a nude party into new year)
January 1st till 2pm

Program winter retreat

Day 1
2 pm arrival, tea and circle
2.30 nude hatha yoga and partner yoga
4. sitting meditation
4.30 tea break
5  demonstration tantra massage
6.30  dinner
8  first round massage
9.30 second round massage
11 octopus game
12 ritual

Day 2
8.30 meditation
9 nude hatha yoga and partner yoga
10.30 breakfast
11 orgasmic meditation demo
11.30 first round orgasmic meditation
12.30  second round orgasmic meditation
1.30 lunch
2 closing circle

 € 190 (deposit 50% = place assured). Maximum 10 participants. This includes: 14 hours of classes and workshops. Lodging and Meals are included.
Earlybirds: if you register before the 15th of November you get a 10% discount = € 176
Refund policy: once payment has been made, cancellation with refund may occur up until 4 weeks prior to the start date. Within 4 weeks of start date, no refund will be given.


Niels: Francis guided us in a gentle way through an
sensual experience that I enjoyed very very much. The food he prepared for us was both healthy and tasteful.

Adolfo: Francis is a great facilitator and it was a wonderful experience to share the last day of the year with a group of men practicing yoga. My partner and I enjoyed Amsterdam and we met interesting people.

Juriaan: Een mooie eenheid in het samenzijn met een groep; Frans weet vloeiend te verbinden, iedereen voelt zich gewaardeerd en gestimuleerd. De heerlijke gerechten maken de intimiteit in de groep helemaal af; wat zalig!

Lucas: Quite a nice and profound yoga and meditation session in an international and spiritual connection. Francis guided us to our inner being on a very gentle way. Thanks