10.30 – 18.30 uur

This workshop is being organised a few times a year. See Calendar.

About this massage somebody once said: “when your ass is open it means your heart is open as well”. When you can totally relax in your pelvic floor the rest of your body will automatically follow. Being touched in and around your anus really opens up and is super relaxing.

A massage of your prostate is the most intimate thing a man can experience. Apart from being extremely relaxing it can also be profoundly erotic and sexually arousing. It may lead to great joy and contribute to a multiple orgasm. In this workshop you can also learn how to give and receive a complete massage, without massaging the prostate.

The first part will be a pelvic floor release and expansion massage, a deep tissue massage. The goal is to release tension in the pelvis and pelvic floor.
The second part is a massage of the whole pelvis including the buttocks, the perineum, the external anus. And if possible/desirable the internal anus and prostate.

Men, gay-straight-bisexual, who have had negative experiences with anal sex, who are unfamiliar with or afraid of this kind of touching can now learn a new approach to anal touch and surprise themselves.

€ 90 euros including lunch


Samir: Wow, this is better then sex…

Kavin: The workshop began with explanations, getting acquainted and warming up. Towards the end, the energy in the room was palpable. For me, it was a totally looking into the self-experience. I discovered to accept touch in a way I’ve never done before, enjoy it and felt totally opened up. Deeply relaxing afterwards and energized. Thanks Francis for properly introducing me to a new way of enjoying the sensations and stimulating experience.

Kris: I am still very enthusiastic about your workshop. Before I felt some doubt and a threshold but I had a fantastic day. I found the atmosphere and the way you organized the day very pleasant.

Casper: Thanks a lot for the workshop Pelvic Floor Release Massage. It was highly instructive and applicable in my private life as well as in future massages. It was comforting to spend the day with like-minded people and share experiences. The theoretical part was well structured and it was very pleasant to see this reflected in a video. Of course receiving and for me especially giving a massage were the most beautiful parts of the day. I had a lovely time with my partner who was instructive, open-minded and sensitive. Getting such beautiful compliments at the end of the day was a real treat! Again, thanks a lot and, most probably, see you again at a future session!

Didier: The other day I participated in a massage group training called Pelvic Floor. A homy atmosphere, a not too big group and some theoretical background information created a pleasant start. After that we practised various techniques and gave and received a massage. I had a really motivating and energizing day which created a feeling of ´male bonding´.

Nikolas: Francis makes you feel comfortable within the first 3 seconds. He ’s very cool, funny and totally laid back. He ’s really scientific in what he does. And finally a teacher who knows what the PC muscles are and how important their part in sex.

Peter: I thought it would be nice to be together again with a number of men after a long time and this workshop fit in exactly with my search for my own sexuality and dealing with anal sex. The yoga exercises at the beginning were a good introduction to the massage, I noticed that my body was wonderfully loose. The workshop was well built up and was very well supervised by Francis.

Wibe: I thought it was a great day, just like your other more intimate workshops. Discovering a new part of my sexuality was nice. In the morning you created a familiar atmosphere as the basis for the afternoon with the most intimate part, which I liked very much. 

Roy: The workshop of the Pelvic Floor Release was fantastic. I learned a lot and I dared to open more.

Niels: Hereby I want to let you know that I found the workshop very enjoyable again. You did it very carefully and it was very hygienic. You gave a clear explanation and the instructional video was very helpful. I liked that you had opted for a gradual build-up, first yoga, then massaging each other, and only at the end the most intimate experience.