Men’s Naked Yoga and Tantric Massage in the Bali Mountains

 5 – 12 Febr  2023


Welcome to the spiritual capital of Asia, Bali. Nestled in the rainforest 800 meters above sea level on a volcanic hillside in central Bali you will feel relaxed and invigorated the minute you set foot at the retreat. We will create a community of men seeking tranquility, pleasure and knowledge over the next seven days. You will purify yourself daily with organic vegetarian cuisine, forest and stream bathing, massage and sweating from your asana practice. This retreat welcomes all men regardless of your yoga or massage abilities. Under the guidance of Tommy and Franscis, you will be guided through a week of self-discovery about yourself and your sexuality. Take a break from your normal routine and re-discover yourself in the company of like minded men.

This retreat is especially tailored for men who are interested in learning how to work with their physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual energies to have a more fulfilling life. We will work with breath, sound and movement to open the body, heart and mind so the energy, or prana, can flow more easily throughout the body. We will accomplish this through a daily yoga practice, different massage techniques, meditations and great vegetarian food. You will learn how to surrender into the present moment and become fully embodied. The ultimate purpose of our journey together this week is to feel more free, happy and in harmony with your true essence. So, join Franscis and Tommy, two experienced yogis, at this fabulous retreat venue in the Balinese mountains; the perfect place to rediscover yourself. Plus, you will make new friends and leave more relaxed and confident.

Date: 5 – 12  February 2023

Venue: Jalan Arjuna, Br. Biyahan, Desa Wanagiri Tabanan .Bali

Check in: Seminyak, Bali on the 3rd or 4th. On sunday the 5th of February we travel together from Seminyak to the venue by taxi which will take about 2hours depending on traffic

Check out: 12 of February

Costs: 1190 Euro
Early bird price: 1098 Euro till the 10 of December.

Includes: Shared bungalows for 8 nights, transfer from Seminyak to the venue, breakfast, lunch, dinner and all classes and workshops, excursion in the rainforest/

Not included: Flight tickets, individual massage at Ecolodge Sarinbuana, 2 days in Villa in Seminyak before the start

Sarinbuana Ecolodge:
We have 6 bungalows available, a total of 9 Bedrooms, some bungalows have double beds and some have singles. Total 14 single people, more if there are couples.
Maximum of 14.

The Lodge provides a private and special “space” in a clean & fresh environment. You will be surrounded by nature, Permaculture gardens and nurtured by friendly local staff.
The lodge provides locally produced meals from their Organic gardens, with pure mountain drinking water and natural swimming pools. Sarinbuana has 20 years experience in hosting & facilitating. The lodge is built on “Balinese Spiritual Land” and faces N/S with the mountain to the north (for those not familiar with Fung shui – this is a very good position for positive energy 🙂 We are far from the road with no traffic noise or air pollution. The temperatures in the mountains are mild, so no air conditioners are needed.

Franscis Trepels see home page
Tommy Condon
I am a Yoga Alliance 500 hour registered teacher (RYT-500) and have been practicing yoga since 1997 and teaching since 2011. I have studied many different styles of Hatha yoga including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Sivananda, Yin, Partner and Aerial. My classes are always a blend of the above styles and every class is different.
I knew early on in my yoga practice that i would someday teach. It was a calling not really a decision. I started practicing yoga purely for the physical aspects but over time I grew to love and understand the spiritual side of yoga. Teaching allows me to go deeper into my practice. I”ll never be done learning yoga. Doing yoga nude allows me to accept myself as I am in that moment without any barriers or trying to hide my imper-fections. I love seeing my students have the same experience and come to terms with their image of their body. 

Reviesw retreat in Bali 2020 and 2023

Michael: Although I am back to work and my usual daily routine, I still have a big smile on my face when I think back to our retreat, it really was wonderful and I am very grateful for the new experience and wonderful time I had. I started eating healthier and tried to practice more yoga, also taking more time for self pleasure and enjoying my whole body. The description of the retreat actually nails it! I arrived at Bali with a lot of thoughts in my head but all where blown away in the first moment when meeting Franscis and Tom and the group. I had an incredible time practicing yoga, tantra massage and learning more about myself. The location truly is spectacular and in combination with great food and really could let loose and let it all happen. We had a wonderful group and I made new friends. Thanks to the wonderful, empathetic and professional guidance of Franscis and Tom I could really open up and had an amazing experience. I can only recommend-if you think about coming to this retreat, do it!!

Grant: After looking at stepping out of my comfort zone in looking for something different in the way of a retreat to help me in my personal journey, I found this retreat in the area of yoga/meditation and Tantra massage. Some of the content can be challenging and confronting but this is what allowed me to grow personally for the better. These guys Tommy and Franscis are very experienced and the real deal to totally step out of my personal box and they know how it all works to facilitate a group of guys in a safe environment to share/explore ones self and others in an environment in Bali that was simply mind blowing to say the least. This retreat was just adding pure authentically and calmness to my personal life which afterwards has changed my life and world by allowing total surrendering to the process for personal growth and development. If you have the inclination just surrender, just book a retreat with these guys and open up to the possible changes in your world. You never know it may be just the change you neeed like some of the amazing results  I witnessed for myself and from the other guys.

Reviews from retreat in Singapore 2019

Robert:I experienced the retreat in Singapore relaxed, and it was a very special weekend for me. The variety of nude yoga and massage brought me to myself. The openness, interest in each other and warmth of the other participants created a close bond with each other.

Handy: This is such an amazing retreat, where we meet cross culture guys from over the world. We blend and mingle brain storming and exchange new experiences with them.

KC:Thank you for organising this retreat. I had a wonderful time learning / appreciating the art of tantric massage together with a company of great men. This is my first experience of staying naked most of the times for several days. I felt free and safe in house. The meals are great and the company is even better.

Sheung: Being physical naked helped us to be naked in our feelings and communications. For me, it was such a release. Being free again to touch and communicate again like a child, friend and lover. I have always been a sensual person even as a child. Touch texture  vibrations colours smells sounds – all these are very stimulating to me. And I have been fortunate not to grow up feeling ashame or dirty about my body and sex. And touching people without sexual intentions. Your retreat was very comforting in reminding me how much I celebrate the human body and the joys it brings.

Ricky: The retreat hosted by Tom and Francis made me reflect deeply on what I liked or disliked my body. I might be able to overcome the uneasiness of being “nude” physically in front of strangers during the retreat.  But the hardest part was to “get my true self naked”.  I felt vulnerable at the very beginning, but the experience turned out to be powerful for me.  Tom and Francis had created an environment where I could let my emotions, sexual energy, erotic fantasies flow without feeling shameful. The highlight was the Tantra massage where I was being massaged by a stranger, even touching the most private part of my body.  To me, my boundary, both physically and mentally, was stretched to the maximum.  I learned to trust, and appreciate in the retreat, which was not easy.  My past education and social upbringing taught me the other way direction.