Winter retreat in Singapore

Winter retraite in Singapore, Changi

 maart 2020


Three nights and two full days of wonder, relaxation and new erotic experiences, together with up to 20 men. The venue is a six bedroom/ seven bath, 579 sqm chalet near the sea on the eastern side of Singapore and was once the residence of a senior British officer built in the late 1920s.  We start each day with nude yoga and meditation to get prepared and embodied for the different kinds of massage you will learn: 5 Element massage, Cashmere Tantra massage, Chi Nei Tsang  (belly organ) and Karsai Nei Tsang (genital massage), Pelvic floor release massage including prostate. We will also practice Orgasmic yoga and Orgasmic meditation to learn how to manage and circulate the sexual energy through your whole body to become multi-orgasmic. We will play and learn together in a safe, secluded, discreet environment under the guidance of two experienced yoga and massage teachers.

1-4 March

Venue: Fairy Point Chalet, Catterick Road, Changi, Singapore

Check in: 3pm

Check out: 10.30 am 

Costs: 350 Euro of 560 SGD

Includes: Shared lodging, welcome BBQ on first evening, 3x  breakfast, 2x lunches and all classes and workshops.

Not included: all travel costs, 2 dinners.

(restaurants nearby)


Robert:I experienced the retreat in Singapore relaxed, and it was a very special weekend for me. The variety of nude yoga and massage brought me to myself. The openness, interest in each other and warmth of the other participants created a close bond with each other.

Handy: This is such an amazing retreat, where we meet cross culture guys from over the world. We blend and mingle brain storming and exchange new experiences with them.

KC: Thank you for organising this retreat. I had a wonderful time learning / appreciating the art of tantric massage together with a company of great men. This is my first experience of staying naked most of the times for several days. I felt free and safe in house. The meals are great and the company is even better. 

Sheung: Being physical naked helped us to be naked in our feelings and communications. For me, it was such a release. Being free again to touch and communicate again like a child, friend and lover. I have always been a sensual person even as a child. Touch texture  vibrations colours smells sounds – all these are very stimulating to me. And I have been fortunate not to grow up feeling ashame or dirty about my body and sex. And touching people without sexual intentions. Your retreat was very comforting in reminding me how much I celebrate the human body and the joys it brings.

Ricky: The retreat hosted by Tom and Francis made me reflect deeply on what I liked or disliked my body. I might be able to overcome the uneasiness of being “nude” physically in front of strangers during the retreat.  But the hardest part was to “get my true self naked”.  I felt vulnerable at the very beginning, but the experience turned out to be powerful for me.  Tom and Francis had created an environment where I could let my emotions, sexual energy, erotic fantasies flow without feeling shameful. The highlight was the Tantra massage where I was being massaged by a stranger, even touching the most private part of my body.  To me, my boundary, both physically and mentally, was stretched to the maximum.  I learned to trust, and appreciate in the retreat, which was not easy.  My past education and social upbringing taught me the other way direction.

Winter retreat in Singapore