Nude Yoga and Orgasmic Yoga in ONE. 

Dates: 26 Oktober  9 en  23 November  14 December

Time: 8pm to 11pm

Men: For men only; gay, straight. bi, trans

Costs: 100 euro

What is orgasmic yoga?
Erotic yoga where you concentrate on practicing physical exercises for instance yoga postures and breathing excercises while being sexually aroused.  Or it is also called mindful masturbation. A masturbation practice, solo or with someone else where you can change your masturbation habits and learn new more satisfying ways.  Instead of fantasizing about someone else or looking at porn (nothing wrong with that!) you bring your attention to yourself, to your body sensations.

Every session has a clear structure:
-timespan -an intention at the beginning -choreography -Kegels (pc-muscle excersise)  -breathing patterns –movement, yoga, dance -voice and sounds -self touch, whole body including the genitals -five minutes silence at the end -sex toys -music.

1- Breathing and moving
2- Paralel dancing with a partner: mirroring, leading and following.
3- Witnessing and being witnessed
4- Anal touch including toys

This course is also for beginners as well for those who have practiced orgasmic yoga before in ONEstudio. This time there will be more emphasis on mindful masturbation with a partner or with the whole group. It will be an empowering and healing course. It will give you a new boost to your sex life. Come and join. If you want to participate it is required to sign up for all four meetings.