Singapore retreat 9 – 15 March

From the 9th till the 13th of March there is everyday the possiblity to make an appointment for a 4  hand erotic massage with Tommy and Franscis. 75 minutes for 200 SGD or 130 Euro. Before we start you can take a cooling shower and also after the session. You are laying on the floor on a mattress and we use Thai Yoga massage technique with Relaxation techniques and Taoïstic Erotic Massage. You have to surrender there is no other option. The mind cannot “follow” 4 hands. So it will be an amazing and thrilling experience.

Partner nude yoga class

on full moon night Tuesday the 10th of March
7.30 pm till 9.30 pm
costs 25 SGD

Nude yoga class

on Thursday the 12th of March
7.30 pm till 9.00 pm
costs 20 SGD

Saturday 14 March

workshop orgasmic yoga

10 am till 7 pm
costs 130 SGD or 85 Euro including lunch

“If you don’t use it, you loose it” is a saying which I think is true. The less sex you have, for instance because you are single, the more the urge and interest in having sex diminishes. It seems like you have to do it and maintain it on a regular basis. On the other side of the spectrum, there are men who do not know how to deal with too much libido. They have a strong desire for sex every day, or even a few times per day. Or you might feel tired after having had an orgasm and ejaculation. You feel a bit alienated from yourself and all your creativity is gone. Le petit mort as the French use to say.

In this masturbation training you learn how to start a solo sex practice. You learn how to keep the fire burning so you feel vital and nourished and strong. Regular exercise will keep you in shape. Instead of being dependent on watching porn you learn to rely on your own body sensations. So it can be an opportunity to change bad habits and reprogram yourself for more healing and satisfying ways of self pleasure. You get to know how sexual energy works within you and how you become the director and manager of this powerful lifeforce. As a man you can learn how to separate an orgasm from an ejaculation, they are two different things. You can become multi orgasmic. In other words there is still a lot to discover about male sexuality. We experiment and discover new ways of mindful masturbation.

So what are we going to do in this workshop?

  • warming-up, out of the mind into the heart and the sex = embodiment
  • breathing, moving, yoga in order to awaken sexual energy
  • strengthen and release the pelvic floor muscles
  • learning new ways to pleasure yourself, including new penis strokes
  • self-massage including the whole pelvis
  • structuring a private session
  • and above all more happiness and savoring of the whole body and male sexual energy
  • Most or the times with yourself, sometimes with a partner and sometimes with the whole group

Sunday 15 March

Workshop pelvic floor release massage incl. prostate

10 am til 7 pm
Costs 130 SGD or 85 Euro

About this massage somebody once said: “when your ass is open it means your heart is open as well”. When you can totally relax in your pelvic floor the rest of your body will automatically follow. Being touched in and around your anus really opens up and is super relaxing.

The first part will be a deep tissue massage. The goal is to release tension and feel expansion in the whole pelvis and pelvic floor.
The second part is a massage of the buttocks, the perineum, the external anus.
And the third part the internal anus and prostate. How to massage the prostate? And how to balance penis and prostate massage together?

It can awaken your sexual energy and the idea then is to let this flow through the entire body. A massage of your prostate is the most intimate thing a man can experience. Apart from being extremely relaxing it can also be profoundly erotic and sexually arousing. It may lead to great joy and multiple orgasms. So men gay – straight – bisexual – who are anxious of being penetrated anally or who have negative experiences with anal sex in the past or unfamiliar with the anus and prostate but curious can discover and find a new realtionship with there anus and  be surprised!  The receiver is the director and always in charge.

We use gloves, coconut oil and work on a futon on the floor. Or bring your own favorite oil and lube.