What is orgasmic yoga?
To say it short: erotic yoga where you concentrate on practicing physical exercises for instance yoga postures and breathing excercises while being sexually aroused.
My teacher Joseph Kramer: “Orgasmic Yoga often produces a state of arousal that is free of fantasy, unfinished emotional business, religious dogma, cultural caveats and habitual sexual behaviors. In this erotic trance state, an individual becomes aware of the body as a source of wisdom, happiness and freedom. Weaving together the heart and the genitals, orgasmic yoga is practiced to help people discover what really and truly turns them on. Some are drawn to the practice because they want to re-awaken sexual feelings, while others do it to discover those feelings for the first time”.

Another way of saying is; mindful masturbation. A solo masturbation practice where you learn how to change your masturbation habits. Instead of fantasizing about someone else or looking at porn, you bring your attention to yourself, to your body experiences. This course includes five themes:1-introduction, theory, first impressions 2- breath 3- penis strokes 4- pc-muscles (pubo-coccygeus) 5-anus and prostate.

Every orgasmic yoga session has a clear structure:
-timespan -an intention at the beginning -choreography -Kegels (pc-muscles)  -breathing patterns –movement, yoga, dance -voice and sounds -self touch, whole body including the genitals -five minutes silence at the end -sex toys -music.

Every meeting starts with tea and some anatomy. Watching a video fi. Then you do exercises to get out of your mind and into your body. We practice the new theme and then apply this in a solo masturbation session within the group, everybody on his own mat. Sometimes blindfolded so it is easier to keep the focus on yourself. Have fun!


Guido 35: Franscis is a very good teacher and sexeducator. Despite the unusual content and form of the sessions, he knows how to create an open, warm and safe atmosphere for everyone in a natural way. The course is physically and spiritually enriching and has taught me a lot. About myself, being free in enjoying yourself, and especially not judging about yourself. Really recommended.

Joost 44: OY  has learned me: a better sex life starts with myself. I am doing it differently -more extensive, more expressive, more sensual – with myself. Sincc then i also have more extensive, more expressive and more sensual sex with my wife. 

Roland: Since the last session a lot has been added. I already had a strong base but the feeling of an orgasm without ejaculation has become stronger. Sometimes I succeed to get the same sensations just by thinking about it. Lately I was able to let go totally when a friend stimulated me. That was awesome. A fantastic ongoing orgasm. So cool! Thanks for your class!

Kevin 29: With some doubt I started this Orgamic Yoga course. Is it all about sex? What is the average age? What do friends and family think about this? All these questions disappeared after the first session. In a safe, learning, and special atmosphere I started to look inside myself and made new steps in my journey of discovering my own sexuality/ borders/ roles/ patterns/ social expectations etc. Truly, sincere a recommended! And unexpectedly, also for heterosexuals. 

Björn 32: I enjoyed it a lotGreat to be with other men in a safe environment and discovering myself. Frans knows with humor to break the ice and creates a  safe space for everybody. Nothing is strange. It gives the oportunity to open myself in different ways. If you do not want something than this is allright too. So it did not matter what your sexual oriëntation is. I felt very much at ease and at home.

 Vincent 49: It was just great to be there. Ofcourse it is special to be together with men who are so comfortable in there own skin that they dare to join this course. An environment without shame. Using the breah is now a special tool for me, during sex and during orgasmic yoga. The excercises to relax the pelvic floor are helpful. Each time I am surprised f.i. if I feel low how these exercises help me to increase my energy level. Instead of ejaculating I feel warmth and energy flowing through my whole body. It also reminded me to take time for myself and indulge myself.  I  practice yoga and meditation, rather ascetic.  So I enjoy now to incorporate in my daily practice the body and pleasure myself physically.

Guillermo: This workshop was a great experience, I learnt a lot. Francis is an excellent facilitator, he knows how to create and intimate but not intrusive atmosphere, he is always there, helping, encouraging, assisting at every moment, in order to make you feel comfortable. I fully recommend Francis workshops.

Casper29: Since the last session I have made it a habit to engage in mindful masturbation 15 minutes before sleeping. I’m not that advanced yet but I manage to get an erection almost every time just by stroking and touching myself without using any kind of external images. For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m fulfilling my own sexual needs, and I also feel more comfortable in my sexuality. Before that I always had a lot of shame when watching images, or when getting an erection. It is a great relief to me that I can engage in sexuality in a healthy way. Also notice now that I have had no need to go to escort websites in the last 2/3 weeks.