Every Tuesday and Thursday from 8 pm till 10 pm
Nude yoga, only for men. €16 per class.

Every Wednesday morning, 9.30 – 11.30 am
Yoga Clothed, voor vrouwen en mannen. €16 per class.

You have to pay 10 classes ahead, this ten ride-pass is valid for 4 months.

Friday from 8 pm till 11 pm
New data will follow soon.
Nude yoga and Orgasmic Yoga/ Mindful masturbation in ONE,
only for men, €125 for 5 classes.


Why Nude yoga?
Especially because it feels just very good. You feel free-er and are among men, brothers among each other.  You feel better the movements and postures. You also can learn to overcome shame. And when working with a partner, you experience intimacy and close proximity without being sexually engaged. Though it can feel sensual and erotic.  Gays, straight and  bisexual men and transgenders are very welcome.

All the weekly yoga classes on Tuesday- and Thursday evening and Wednesday morning end with half an hour of yoga Nidra, deep relaxation and with sitting meditation. There are yoga mats and meditation cushions. Bring to class one big and one small towel to protect the yoga mat and cushion. You also can buy a yoga mat for €15.


Jan: I have had many great lessons in recent years, not only through physical exertion, but also through the wisdom that you conveyed. And ‘last but not least’ I have developed a wonderful friendship with one of your students.

Rachel: I like the Yoga class on Wednesday. I still look forward to it every time, and also I feel a bit insecure. Reasons: Number of exercises are new to me. I am stiff and I cannot perform some exercises yet. However, every time I am reassured by the relaxed, pleasant atmosphere. Your teaching method is clear, inviting and light-hearted.