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“Using sexual energy as healing. Sexual energy is our life-force energy. When we activate it we can use it for our healing and empowerment, for our health and well-being fi. to relax and relieve stress, to relieve pain and fear, to heal sexual wounds.” Barbara Carellas

Part of this workshop is the pelvic floor release and expansion massage. A deep tissue massage and also intimate massage to melt tension in the pelvis and the pelvic floor in particular. With the aim of creating more space and relaxation. And thereby stimulate the generation and flow of (sexual) energy.

A second part of the sexual healing workshop is mindful masturbation. “If you don’t use it, you loose it” is a feathered statement and true. As you have less sex because, for example, you are single, it seems that you also have less need and less desire. You have to maintain it. Or on the other side of the spectrum, you don’t know how to deal with your strong desire for sex, you feel horny and turned on all day long. Or you feel tired and alienated after an ejaculation, and it seems as if all your creativity has disappeared. Le petit mort as the French say.

You learn to start a solo sex practice, to keep the fire burning so that it nourishes and gives you strength. And regular practice makes perfect. You learn to rely on your own physical sensations instead of being dependent on porn. Change bad habits into more beneficial and satisfying masturbation methods. You get to know yourself better and how sexual energy works for you and how to direct and channel this powerful energy. As a man you can even learn to separate an orgasm from an ejaculation and thus become multiple orgasmic. In short, there is still a lot to discover about sexuality. We haven’t finished learning yet.

€ 125 including lunch, snacks, tea


Xander: It was nice to be back where you were. The day fully met my expectations and needs. With my partner I had a bonus: experience and click. All in all it was a beautiful, very intense event, groundbreaking. Thanks again for that.

Henry: Participation was a very educational experience! I was impressed by the clear and careful way in which Franscis dealt with the participants. A new world unfolded for me. 

Ron: I can better enjoy the great sensations in my body while masturbating without having to be ready. Delicious! And then to know that this is also healing. Fantastic anyway! Thank you Franscis. This is “sexual healing” …

sexual healing ONEstudio

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