10.30 – 18.30 uur

This workshop is being organized a few times a year. Touching one´s whole body is central to this massage, including one´s pelvic floor and genitals. We use warm oil and you are lying on a futon on the floor. You touch and  are being touched in a soft, loving and flowing way. It´s not necessary to learn complicated massage techniques. It´s a kind of meditation. You exercise in giving and receiving and through this you find out which of the two you give preference to.

Your body is being invited to relax completely and at the same time, and this is the other side of the coin, it may be very exciting sexually. As a result you feel ONE; thinking and feeling are being united. You are being restored to your former self and you will feel deeply united with your body. You can learn this massage in one day and you don´t need any  experience with giving a massage.

€ 125  including lunch, tea, snacks


Cees: Franscis quickly puts you at ease and the introductory yoga exercises help with that. The theory and the practical exercises go hand in hand and ensure that the learning experience lasts. There was plenty of time for everyone to practice and it was a wonderful, exciting and relaxing experience. I recommend it to everyone.

Willem: It was a nice Saturday. Educational and yet exciting in one way or another. As for the massage, it was a new experience; that sexual energy was really felt, unlike when I masturbate.

Emile: During the workshop Kashmiric tantra massage I experienced that Franscis understands his job. He explains the massage well and supports his explanation by working with a model. He guides the workshop in a professional manner and gives positive feedback so that you can optimally explore and experience how it is to give and receive this massage. The massage takes place in a good and familiar environment and atmosphere, so that everyone feels at ease quickly. Thank Franscis for your commitment and for who you are. Namaste.

Ian: A well-groomed and playful workshop. Franscis knows how to find a nice balance between professionalism and intimacy in an atmosphere of trust and security. For me a groundbreaking experience. Thank you,

Andreas: It was a relaxing but also an exciting as well as an instructive day. Of course the group you are in determines everything. Our group was very varied and this helped a lot in creating an open cosy atmosphere, very important when you are drawn out of your comfort zone. Just being yourself, no expectations, just discovering your own energy and enjoying the result of it.

Evert: Last Saturday was a real revelation for me. I felt a bit tense at the beginning, but later on totally relaxed. Thank you very much. 

Hank: I participated in Franscis’ Tantra massage workshop from a long-felt desire to experience my body as fully and deeply as possible. The workshop gave me all I was looking for. I felt intense pleasure throughout my body. Tensions were resolved, clearing space for well-being and receptiveness. Today, a few days on, I still feel heightened sensitivity, both physically and emotionally.

Rob: Apparently simple massage. But it turns out to be more a kind of meditation, a presence massage in contact with the other person. And that is not so simple. Pleasant build up and great to feel that ineer peace throughout the whole day. 

Stephan: Very nice workshop; I learned the technique at a nice pace to put a lot of intimacy in the massage I was looking for. With and without massage experience recommended.

Ian: I am still processing what has happened last saturday. With positve feelings i think back. It was a very intimate and intense contact with the other participants, unpredictable. A great practic in exchanging energy. 

André: Getting into another state, a trance, through very quiet and slow and flowing touch. With full attention and presence and love, discovering and accepting yourself, becoming stronger! I felt such an amout of freedom, awesome. The yoga was also great and your hospitality! We had an unforgettable and special day and happy we had the chance to experience this.

Jerry: I really enjoyed this massage workshop, and I really enjoyed your massage twice in a private session. Both receiving and giving the massage I have experienced as very special, and I will definitely apply the massage again to a friend.

Jo: The Cashmere Tantra massage workshop was a wonderful experience. Franscis taught us about art of touching every inch of another man’s body. The workshop also focussed on letting go when receiving a massage. I highly recommend it if you want to learn about touch and are open to new experiences. 

Peet: I really enjoyed your workshop and I’m glad I was able to attend. I’d like to become tantra masseur myself so I guess your workshop was the beginning of my journey. I’d like to attend more workshops of yours as I found it all very nice, intimate and relaxed at the same time.