Thai yoga massage is a dynamic massage in which the body is stretched as we know from yoga. It is also called yoga for lazy people. We use acupressure to influence the so-called energy lines similar to acupuncture or shiatsu massage.

As a masseur I use my hands and feet, as well as knees and elbows. You lie on a futon mat on the floor and wear “loose” clothing. In addition to physical benefits, such as improving the immune system, acceleration of digestion, improved blood circulation, delay aging, relaxation and toning of muscles, it also has mental effects: a clear and calm mind and that’s why it is called meditation in motion.

It’s just like in yoga meant to restore balance in the body by stimulating a better energy flow. Thus it can besides that it is deeply relaxing for body and mind have a healing effect and even prevent disease. Massage of the organs, Chi Nei Tsang can be a part of this massage. The massage lasts 1.5 hours.


Elz: In short, the massage consisted of being stretched by Franscis in all sorts of ways. The stretches are intensive; I felt them deep into my body. Franscis is a very secure skilled masseur with a lot of attention taking for my borders, which made me feel very safe both physically and emotionally; I could totally surrender to the massage. I came out of the massage totally relaxed and it turned out afterwards, also full of energy! I’ll definitely return.

Patricia: It was great with just the right amount of pressure, together with the music and with my breathing. Very relaxing and soothing. I felt very secure which helped me to relax and get into the flow. Francis was able to feel any resistance coming from me immediately and was able to adapt which gave me more confidence. This helped me to focus and let go more.

Katherine: Last week Francis gave me a Thai yoga massage ……such a pleasurable experience! Lying        ( with loose clothing) on a pre-warmed mattrass, with the sun filtered through the net curtains, I was able to enjoy the slow, intensely relaxed feeling that Francis with his technique brought to my body. Encouraged by him, I gave him tips and feedback which  further enhanced the experience and made it such a unique and personolised massage. I am still enjoying the fruits of this massage….try it….you won’t regret it!