This massage is primarily to have fun and enjoy sexual arousal for a longer period of time. The idea is to awaken the sexual energy and subsequently send this sexual energy through the whole body, rather than to waste it in a single peak orgasm.

In TEM  the whole body is massaged therfore including the genitals. In contrast to almost all other general massage techniques, it emphasizes the pelvis and the pelvic floor including the external anus. There is no taboo in Taoism on touching erotic zones and massaging the lingam, the male genitalia or the yoni of a woman. Yoni in Sanskrit language stands for the source of life and the vagina. Exactly in the area of the pelvis is where we store a lot of trauma where we are hurt and humiliated. It was certainly seen as a forbidden zone when you were a child. Here it is honored and plays a central role.

The goal is not to have a quick release but to fill your whole body with sexual energy, life energy, strength. This enables you to experience a total body orgasm and to enter another state of consciousness  making it a spiritual experience.

This requires beginning with a full body massage in order to relax completely. Then more and more the emphasis is on different “strokes” of the lingam and the yoni to become sexually aroused. With the help of the breath, and with movement and the contraction and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles, this energy is channeled and guided through the whole body. The possibility of massaging both the lingam and the prostate, or the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time makes this massage very complete. At the end savoring ten minutes in savasana to draw the attention to the subtle energy in the body in the form of movement, tingling and warmth; pure space and consciousness.

 When I experienced this massage for the first time a whole new world opened up. I instantly knew this is going to change my life. All the pieces fell into place and I felt in heaven. Since then it is a mission and passion to spread the massage and I am convinced that both women and men will  enjoy sex much more when they know how to receive and give a TEM”. FT


Ronald: Hello Francis. My first massage (taoistic erotic massage) was very satisfying. I felt balanced, “in balance” and I felt calm. I experienced / felt a pleasant and calm energy within you. A kind of sobriety and “easy going” way of doing that made me feel relaxed and at home during those 2 hours with you. Would like a second appointment.

Simeon: I’m calm in myself, feel confident about my (bi)sexuality and the way I like to experience sexuality with breath, movement and really want to connect with someone. I have often thought that for me as a man this is a strange way of experiencing my sexuality. I have now left that idea behind. I think I just may see it as a strength. You said that massage can be a good prelude to lovemaking. That was indeed true. I had great sex last night with my girlfriend. Well fortunately this happens often, but still …

Simon: Firstly thank you for the other day I had a truly amazing time.  It’s was lovely and I felt amazing afterwards. Again to be open with you I had the best orgasm later that day that I think I have had in a very long time. There was a lot of energy there. 

Jerry: Dag Francis, thank you for this wonderful meeting and massage. That afternoon after the massage  I was very busy, but in the evening when i got more quiet I felt indeed a lovely energy flowing through my whole body. Thank you.

Lloyd: What a beautiful erotic journey that was thanks to your expertise during the Taoistic erotic massage. The most beautiful part is that I had several tittilating highlights without having an ejaculation much more intense and longer lasting then a normal orgasm with ejaculation. This also happened the morning after the massage. Francis! you will certainly see me back when I am in The Netherlands again.

Michael: Thank you for a lovely connection, the tears & ability to experience my beloved again was beyond measure.