In this massage, we go one step further. The entire pelvic floor is extensively massaged and touched: the buttocks, the perineum, the external and the internal anus. With men also a massage of the scrotum and the testicles and yes if desirable the prostate (Karsai Nei Tsang). The prostate is similar to the G-spot of the woman.

I know it is still a taboo for many people but the anus is also an erogenous zone and many men and women, gay, straight, bi and transgender experiment with anal sex, which does not mean only anal intercourse. This massage can be part of the TEM.

The pelvic floor is the seat of the first chakra, an energy center and basic for our sense of well-being. If you really relax in your base, you’re safe and well grounded. The rest of the body will follow, it opens the heart. So we feel healed and whole again, ONE again. We feel deeply connected to ourselves and also to the world around us.

Massage of the perineum and anus leads to very deep relaxation and is also a source for sexual arousal and joy. Massage of the prostate gland leads to yet more enjoyment. And in addition to that it is good for your health and your libido. An orgasm through the prostate or G-spot is also possible.

It is as you can imagine a very intimate massage so all the more important to properly discuss and set your limits. If you are the receiver you direct the massage and decide what eventually will happen. A conversation in advance is necessary and also during the massage you are expected to communicate verbally. That is the reason why this session lasts 2,5 hours.


Arie: I was a bit faster this time than last time “back on Earth”. But I again had a great feeling; relaxation, calm, peace. No headaches or other less desirable effects. Especially pleasant that relaxation at this level is possible. Your hands on my body give a kind of tingling so it is easy to surrender. I am surprised. I feel very at ease with you and surrender to all the postures that you’re proposing. I also feel no shame and that is unusual. Because you’re naked as well it gives me peace. It all sounds stilted but I don’t know how to say it otherwise. Especially surprising is that your hands and fingers at my anus and perineum creates no resistance, that was always very strong. Thanks and see you next time.

Paulo: Wow, what an experience! Franscis lovingly and attentively made me feel what I have missed all those years. After an exciting preparatory massage I was able to open myself. He brought me a wonderful warmth. Thanks again.

Thomas: I feel amazing. The prostate massage and external anus massage were fantastic. My prostate has never been treated so well. The massage was very intimate, but very pleasant.