This tantric massage is a combination of different massage- and breathing techniques with the aim of increasing energy levels in the body and therefore increase consciousness. It’s aim is to revitalize and to allow the sexual energy flow freely throughout the whole body.

Everything is being touched in a slow and meditative way including the genitals. The lingam, the penis and the yoni, the vagina in women. Touching the erogene zones can awaken the sexual energy, The idea then is to even if the excitement rises to stay relaxed and continue breathing. The energy body takes over, less doing and more being. You can experience a full body orgasm.

The desire for total surrender and release is encouraged. It creates a very deep relaxation. By having your whole body massaged in this attentive and meditative way you surrender  to yourself. You feel reconnected with yourself, strong and vital. ONE with yourself rather than being caught up in thoughts and restlessness. Through this deep relaxation, it can also be a healing experience.

We start with an intake, and practice breathing and meditation in order to prepare body and mind for the massage. The session lasts two hours. Hot organic coconut oil is used and you are lying on a mattress on the floor or on a massage table. You will be amazed by the magic of touch!


Michael 42: At ONEstudio I experienced an orgasm I never had in my whole life: so intens, so completely surrendering and it came from deep within. It was divine. Something like this can only happen if you fully trust the other and are able to let go totally. This is possible with Francis. So thank you so  much for this incredible enrichment in my life. I would like to come over every day and receive a massage.

Mireille: A warm welcome, with a short intake to make our first aquaintance. It feels great to lie in the sun in an open space in front of the patio doors. Good to first lie on the belly: protected, evoking less shame. Explanation is clear, ‘preparatory’, although I suspected that there would be more “erotic” massage. Your hand mount, pressure and rhythm are very nicely balanced. Big, long massage movements feel opening and soothing. I kept a strong presence, no memories, no TO DO list, no associations with the past, no suffering, no pain. Many thanks and I’m willing to experiment further.

 Ton: I want to thank you for what you’ve given me this afternoon. It was the best gift to myself in a long time, it went beyond all expectations! I was just in heaven through your massage. Got home, tired but thanks to your magic hands, very satisfied! I’m sure I will sleep well. I wish you well and I’d like to make another appointment with you. 

Roy: The last days very aware of my own sensuality and think back regularly to the session. Exceptional in the sense of the extent that I can fully give in to it. Familiarity is here a keyword. Never expected this from myself. I also found the breathing together very special. For me an extremely sensual and spiritual experience where i was able to surrender completely. Thanks for that!