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A 4-hand massage is a special experience. Your body is touched in several places at the same time. You are stretched, gently and softly stroked, and then firmly kneaded. Your senses are open and your thoughts can no longer follow what is happening. In this way you are “forced” to surrender, and be in the present moment.

Go with the flow…

Many massage salons use a fixed structure for a 4-hand massage, a so-called signature massage. We provide a certain structure of the massage, fi starting symmetrically.  But at the same time we consciously choose to work more intuitively and meditatively. We tune into our own body and yours. Then we follow the impulses that arise from ourselves. In this way we use the wisdom of our own body and our intuïtion. In the meantime we coordinate as masseurs, creating a synchronized flow. Few words are needed. Because we know each other well, the coordination takes place automatically, so that you experience the touch as a whole. Certain touches, strokes and movements are only possible with a 4-hand massage. That makes such a massage an unique experience.

Franscis Trepels and Tijs Breuer

Touching and being touched. It is a necessity of life. Through loving touch you are given back to yourself. You come home and you are well-grounded, centered and confident, you can take on the whole world. Because Franscis and Tijs are well attuned to each other, this 4-hand massage becomes an intense and special experience. Franscis and Tijs offer different types of 4-hand massages, from tranquil to tantric, from relaxing to sensual-erotic. During a 4-hand tantra massage with Franscis and Tijs, we do not look for your painful places, but we look for and find your fun places. What gives you pleasure? Where and how do you want to be touched? What makes you happy and cheerful?