This massage is based on Ayurvedic, Thai and yoga principles. You lie on the floor on a futon mat and warm, organic, unscented coconut oil is used. The total massage lasts 1.5 hours, including five minutes savouring at the end.  The body is stretched, applying  yoga postures concomitant with the exhalation. It is a deeply relaxing massage, very beneficial for body and mind!

First the back, the neck and shoulders are massaged, then the legs and buttocks. These are followed by some passive stretches in a sitting position or lying on your side position. Continuing….. lying now on your back,  the feet, legs and hips are massaged again. Then the abdomen and chest, arms and hands, and finally the head and face are also massaged. You feel healed and free. It is like coming home to yourself. The deep relaxation and loving touch will benefit you on all levels.


Pras: Fran’s ayurvedic massage was a nice long massage with a lot of surprising elements! I wasn’t expecting such a combination of so many techniques! By the end my thoughts were quiet, almost meditative, and I felt true to myself. Once I got home, I noticed I had lost some piece of anger which I had been carrying with me during the last few months and I was able to perceive things again more objectively.

Wybo: Many thanks for the massage on Tuesday. I noticed that I a direct benefit while I was playing clarinet on Tuesday night. Relaxed muscles and breathing make all the difference! I found that you tackled it very well. Looking forward to next time.

JohanFran’s massage was a fantastic experience……. worth repeating again very soon!