Literally the word yoga refers to joining and uniting opposites. Yoga aims at bringing light in the darkness, at overcoming pain and suffering, at freeing yourself from the prison of thought. You ARE not your thoughts, you HAVE thoughts.

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Giving a massage is a way of showing love, of giving close attention to touching another person´s body. This is exactly what I do. Depending on the kind of massage you choose your body is partly or completely touched, which means also your genitals and pelvic floor and with men, your prostate too.

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Sexological Bodywork


This is sex coaching and more. I teach you new skills and techniques that help you to become a better lover with yourself and therefore with others. Possible subjects: How to enjoy sex more, how to get a multiple orgasm and how to give an erotic massage.

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Frans Trepels ONEstudioIntroduce myself

My name is Franscis Trepels and I live and work in Amsterdam on the KNSM island. This is also where ONEstudio for Yoga, Massage and Sexological Bodywork is located. Since I was 18 I dance and practice yoga daily.  Many people look for peace of mind and body, and for the right balance between the two. I think I can contribute to that. My non-verbal activities act as a counterbalance in a society which is based on language and reasoning. Central words in my practice and work are embodiment, awareness and expression.

Knowing who you are and what your passions and talents are is important in life. It is always about increasing one´s consciousness and our body plays a central part in this. Being aware and being really present, here and now. Being present makes it possible to unite doing, thinking and feeling. You feel ONE, healed and at home with yourself. You feel free and full of joy. You experience strength and know what your contribution to life is. You create from within your inner self and that makes you feel happy and enriches the world.


>MO-A Pedagogy: Catholic University of Nijmegen.
>Full-time study Dance: School for new dance development, Amsterdam Theatre school.
>Teacher training in Hatha, Raja- and Tantra Yoga: Satya Amsterdam/Yoga Centre Utrecht.
>Movement Therapy and Psychomotor Therapy: Tilburg Dance Academy.
>Years training Ayurveda & Yoga: Academy of Ayurvedic Studies Amsterdam.
>Mindfulness Training: Rob Brandsma Amsterdam.
>Traditional Thai yoga massage: Thai Dee and Thai Hand Amsterdam. Mudita, school of Thai yoga massage
>Ayurvedic Yoga massage: Anand Sidhamo Thailand.
>Taoist Erotic massage: Body Electric Amsterdam.
>Sexological bodywork: the new school of Erotic Touch, LA
>Chi Nei Tsang en Karsai Nei Tsang: Omsala Thailand
>The art of Tantra massage: John Hawken en Jenni Joy Thailand
>Urban Tantra professional training: Barbara Carrellas, UK
>Orgasmic mastery training, Taylor Johnson, US


Many many courses: Theatre, Dance, Voice, Yoga, Massage, Healing.