10.30 – 18.30 uur

This workshop wil be organised a few times per year. See for data the calendar.

“If you don’t use it, you loose it” is a saying which I think is true. The less sex you have, for instance because you are single, the more the urge and interest in having sex diminishes. It seems like you have to do it and maintain it on a regular basis. On the other side of the spectrum, there are men who do not know how to deal with too much libido. They have a strong desire for sex every day, or even a few times per day. Or you might feel tired after having had an orgasm and ejaculation. You feel a bit alienated from yourself and all your creativity is gone. Le petit mort as the French use to say.

In this masturbation training you learn how to start a solo sex practice. You learn how to keep the fire burning so you feel vital and nourished and strong. Regular exercise will keep you in shape. Instead of being dependent on watching porn you learn to rely on your own body sensations. So it can be an opportunity to change bad habits and reprogram yourself for more healing and satisfying ways of self pleasure. You get to know how sexual energy works within you and how you become the director and manager of this powerful lifeforce. As a man you can learn how to separate an orgasm from an ejaculation, they are two different things. You can become multi orgasmic. In other words there is still a lot to discover about male sexuality. We experiment and discover new ways of mindful masturbation.

So what are we going to do in this workshop?

  • warming-up, out of the mind into the heart and the sex = embodiment
  • breathing, moving, yoga in order to awaken sexual energy
  • strengthen and release the pelvic floor muscles
  • learning new ways to pleasure yourself, including new penis strokes
  • self-massage including the whole pelvis
  • structuring a private session
  • and above all more happiness and savoring of the whole body and male sexual energy
  • Most or the times with yourself, sometimes with a partner and sometimes with the whole group

I am already looking forward to meet you here and enjoy our bodies and self pleasuring practice.

Gay, hetero, bi-sexual,  transgender… all human beings with a penis are very welcome.

€ 125 including lunch


Joost 44: OY has taught me: A better sex life starts with you. I’ve done it differently – more extensively, more expressively, more sensibly – with myself, and have since then also extended, more expressive, more sensual sex with my wife.

Kevin 29: With slight doubt, I responded to the beautiful invitation from Frans for the Orgasmic Yoga; is it about sex? What is the average age? What do others think of this? All these questions and more fell away after the first session, in a safe, instructive and special environment I went inside and I made beautiful steps in the (sub) quest for my own sexuality / boundaries / patterns / social expectations / roles and so on. Really, sincerely recommended! Unexpectedly for me also for heterosexuals.

Björn 32: I have been able to experience the course as very nice. Nice to discover yourself with other men in a safe environment. Frans knows how to break the ice in the group with appropriate humor and creates an environment in which people feel safe. Nothing is weird and it is a great opportunity to open yourself up in different ways in a companion with other men. If you do not want something, that is not a problem either. It does not matter what sexual orientation one has. I felt very comfortable and at my place.

Bernd: Während des Workshops konnte ich mich neu erfahren. Klar, das Atmen der anderen Männer konnte ich hören, doch nach kurzer Zeit konnte dieser Gedanke abgeschaltet werden. Die “anderen” Männer waren alle sehr rücksichtsvoll und niemand war aufdringlich. Jeder war mit sich selbst beschäftigt und hat so wie ich gar nicht daran gedacht, in die Sphäre des anderen zu dringen. Wenn auch die Yoga- Elemente etwas anstrengend waren, da nicht gewohnt, hat das positive Gefühl am Ende gesiegt, sich über den ganzen Tag egoistisch zu genießen. Ein Gefühl der Wärme war im Körper und gleichzeitig eine innere “Geilheit”, die aber nicht nach außen mußte. Das abschließende Gespräch in der Gruppe über die Erfahrungen des Tages war sehr offen, ohne Indiskret zu sein. Mit der geballten Energie ging es dann nach Hause und in den Sonntag.  Fazit: Ein Work Shop den ich empfehlen kann und bestimmt auch noch mal wiederholen werden. 

Ron: I experienced the workshop as very positive. Masturbating is a subject that you do not talk about quickly and something you have to invent yourself when you are young. Very nice to discover my own sexuality with other men in this workshop. To take the time for it. Frans creates a safe environment and pays a lot of attention to each of our questions, our own process. I have been able to take a number of steps in making contact with myself and I feel good about it. Thank you for this.

Tjalling: Dear Francis, thank you for your invitation. I am very satisfied with the sessions that you give. You have a fantastic combination of looseness acceptance and you give a clear supporting facilitating structure. The atmosphere that you know how to create with the men among themselves is also benevolent.

Ben: Curious what this Orgasmic Yoga / Mindful Masturbation workshop would mean for me, I went to Amsterdam. Once inside, Franscis managed to put everyone at ease and the day’s program was discussed over a cup of tea. Everything was negotiable and opening up to others (total strangers to me) was no problem. Franscis knows how to keep this workshop lively in a relaxed way. In the afternoon session I made contact with myself and experienced a completely different form of masturbation. Orgasmic Yoga is more sensual and gives more experience than the other form of masturbation as we normally experience it. This workshop is highly recommended to get to know yourself better / differently. It’s playing with – and loving your own body. Francsis thanks for this instructive and valuable day.