The fluidity of the present moment

with Francis Trepels i Olga Tragant

Dates:  May 10, 11 and 12 (2019)
arrival: Friday 10th, between 16 and 16:30h

departure: Sunday 12, at 18:30h
Place: tragantCamp (at l’Alzina de l’Aguda, between Ponts and Guissona).

Lodging: a tragantCamp
Meals: vegetarian food. Healthy and delicious
Price: 235€ (includes all the classes, lodging and meals for the 3 days)

Informacion about  tragantCamp, the place and how to get there

A weekend to take care of yourself and to enjoy practicing yoga, dance and Thai yoga massage in a quite and rural environment full of charm.

We will combine these 3 practices in order to connect with our own spontaneity  and trust from an inner calmness to allow us to improve  on self-awareness and present moment.

MORNING YOGA  with Francis Trepels

The yoga session begins with a landing into the body, listening in sitting meditation and practicing breathing. We continue with breathing coordinated with movements to warm up the body and prepare for movement series and more intense positions, asanas, which will be the main part of the class. We finish with Yoga Nidra or deep relaxation. We seek the balance of the various body systems and the improvement of the energy flow, which will lead us to a quiet and peaceful mind and to a present state of consciousness.

DANCE sensing, expressing, relating  with Olga Tragant

We will discover and practice the body and movement possibilities to feel, perceive, communicate, imagine and express.

We will work different tools and movement approaches in order to cultivate an open “self”, sensitive and receptive to oneself and to others, that nurtures our creative potential and our own personal and artistic development. We will combine the work indoors with some outdoor session.

THAI YOGA MASSAGE   with Francis Trepals

Thai yoga massage is a dynamic massage in which the body is passively stretched and acupressure  is used to influence the so-called energy lines similar to acupuncture or shiatsu massage. We will alternate the roles of masseur and receiver. The masseur uses hands and feet, as well as knees and elbows. You lie on a mat on the floor and wear “loose” clothing. In addition to physical benefits, such as improving the immune system, acceleration of digestion, improved blood circulation, delay aging, relaxation and toning of muscles, it also has mental effects: a clear and calm mind and that’s why it is called meditation in motion.

Daily organization (orientative)


16:30 – 17hh arrival
17h welcome
18 -19h yoga session
19 – 20h dance session
20h dinner
21:30h thai yoga massage
23h night rest


7:30  morning walk – meditation
8:30 – 10h yoga session
10:15h breakfast
11:30 -14h dance session
14:30h lunch
16:30 – 19:30h massage
20h dinner
21:30h meditation
23h night rest


7:30  morning walk – meditation
8:30 – 10h yoga session
10:15h breakfast
11:30 -14h dance session
14:30h lunch
16 -18h  massage
18h ending circle
18:30h departure

Francis Trepels (Amsterdam)

After finishing his studies in Dance at SNDO (School for New Dance Development), he began to teach dance improvisation based on technical Body Mind Centering (BMC) and Contact Improvisation (CI) at Amsterdam´s Theaterschool. He continued studying various Yoga techniques: Hatha, Raja and Tantra, and finished two Yoga Studies (Yogaschool Satya) getting the Teachers Training title for Hatha and Raja yoga. He has a background in dance therapy and has worked several years in a psychiatric hospital as a psycho-motor therapist (Hogeschool, Tilburg). In the year 2000 he starts ONEstudio, a yoga center, in meditation and dance in Amsterdam. He has also collaborated for years with a psychotherapist and specialist in Mindfulness. During all those years he has continued the practice of Authentic Movement with a group founded in 2002. He studied massage techniques as Thai Yoga massage and Tantra massage which has led him to the erotic taoïstic massage and sexological bodywork. The presence and awareness are key words in his work as a ‘coach’ and in group classes.

Olga Tragant (Barcelona)

Thanks to a Fulbright – “la Caixa” scholarship, she studies and works in the USA during 7 years. She obtains a Masters Degree in Psychology within Physical Activity and a Masters in Contemporary Dance, both at the University of Illinois. In New York, she studies at Movement Research, Susan Klein School, Trisha Brown School. Later on she studies in Amsterdam (SNDO) and in Japan, where she studies improvisation-composition and butoh dance respectively. She owns a bachelors degree in Physical Education (INEF, Barcelona).

She has worked in projects with various companies and independent choreographers: Douglas Dunn, Bebee Miller, Ann Carlson, Eileen Standley, and other. Since 1993, she has developed a series of pieces, having performed in cities around Europe, the USA, Japan and Mexico. In 2002, she creates tragantDansa [studio], space dedicated to the creation and teaching in contemporary dance, where she continues the artistic and pedagogic path. Since 2013 is the director from the dance formation [inside MOVEMENT].Olga Tragant holds twenty years of experience teaching dance.